I am Nominating Myself for PSF Board of Directors

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I am Nominating Myself for PSF Board of Directors

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I want to share some important news with you. I am nominating myself for the position of Director on the Board of the Python Software Foundation (PSF).

My Statement

Here is my official statement for the PSF Board of Directors nomination:

I am honored to nominate myself for the position of Director on the Board of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). With extensive experience in Python development and a deep commitment to community engagement, I believe I can contribute significantly to the Foundation’s mission.

Background and Experience

I have been an active member of the Python community for over a decade, with experience ranging from standalone applications to backend systems and AI solutions. For the past few years, I have served as one of the managing committee members of TehPug, a 10-year-old community that participates in organizing PyCon in Iran. Our monthly meetings attract nearly 200 participants. Unfortunately, due to the situation in Iran, we do not have the same level of international activity or communication as communities in European countries. We aim to change this for the sake of knowledge and experience sharing. You can view my contributions on the Python Wiki.

My daily work involves using Python, and I have hosted numerous talks, meetups, and workshops aimed at empowering non-programmers, such as non-CS students, professionals in finance and accounting, and mechanical engineers, to use Python for automating repetitive tasks. These efforts not only expand the reach of Python but also equip individuals with valuable skills.

In addition to my technical contributions, I have actively worked to expand the Python community in regions with limited access to technology. I have led initiatives to introduce Python programming to underserved populations, providing them with the tools and knowledge to improve their career prospects. This includes organizing educational events and setting up community support systems in areas with poor internet access.

Statement of Concerns

My primary motivation for seeking a position on the PSF Board of Directors is to bring attention to the challenges faced by underrepresented and underserved communities within the Python ecosystem.

  1. Access to Education: There are significant barriers to education for girls in Afghanistan. The denial of educational opportunities for these girls is a grave concern that needs to be addressed.

  2. Internet Access: In countries like Iran, many people do not have reliable internet access due to both technical limitations and wide censorship, which severely limits their ability to learn and contribute to the Python community. The PSF can work with PyPI mirror providers to improve access in the MENA region, provide more offline shareable materials in local languages, and support local Python groups that may need OFAC licenses, making these accessible with the help of the PSF.

  3. Support for Persian-speaking Communities: There is a notable absence of PyLadies chapters and Python support for Persian-speaking girls in Iran, Afghanistan, and other Persian-speaking countries.

  4. Community Building in Arabic-speaking Countries: Even in relatively stable countries like Oman, there is a lack of a strong Python community, which I believe is partly due to cultural barriers.

Commitment to Advocacy

My candidacy is driven by a commitment to tell the stories of these underserved communities. It is not about whether I am elected or not; what is important is that the voices of these communities are heard. I want to highlight the impact that strong, inclusive communities can have in enabling individuals to find new opportunities and overcome societal barriers.


I am excited about the possibility of serving on the PSF Board of Directors and contributing to the Foundation’s efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive Python community. Thank you for considering my nomination.

OFAC License Application

I also want to share that I have applied for an OFAC license. This license will allow me to organize technology conferences, meetups, workshops, and other non-academic educational activities in countries with restrictions. However, I have not yet received an answer from OFAC.

Thank you for reading. Let's work together to make the Python community better for everyone.

Best regards