Code Magic with Typer and Jinja2 at TehPug!

Code Magic with Typer and Jinja2 at TehPug!

On 05/16/2024, I had an unexpected chance to sprinkle some coding magic at TehPug! Even with a broken hand, nothing could stop me from sharing some cool tricks with the community.

At work, I dive into Django projects all the time. Recently, I found out that Typer and Jinja2 are total game-changers. These tools help me whip up serializers, views, and routes super fast. During the talk, I showed how these simple functions can handle all the boring, repetitive tasks, leaving us with more time for the fun and challenging parts of coding.

I kicked off the talk by showcasing my little libraries on PyPI. I explained how each step in contributing to the community counts and encouraged everyone to publish their code, no matter how small it might seem. Sharing my journey from being a new contributor a few years ago to now was an important part of the talk. I wanted to show that anyone can be part of this amazing community with persistence and passion.

Then, I dove into the core of my presentation: my code generator. I explained how this tool, built with Typer and Jinja2, automates the creation of Django serializers, views, and routes. By leveraging these libraries, the generator streamlines the development process, allowing us to focus on more complex tasks.

The best part was seeing everyone’s excitement and curiosity. It was great to answer your questions and see how these tools can be applied to your projects. I hope you all walked away with some fresh ideas and inspiration.

Despite the unexpected nature of the talk and my broken hand, it was a fantastic experience. Your enthusiasm and support made it all worth it. I can't wait for the next meetup to share more tips and tricks. Until then, keep coding and having fun!